What is a sound card?


Definition – It helps to extract sound from computer. It is a kind of internal expansion card that helps in audio signals of input and output through the program of the computer. It is also used in external audio devices which we use for business.

Sound card’s past

Nowadays sound cards are a type of hardware that is rectangular in shape. These are mounted on the motherboard with the help of PCI and only then they are connected to the speaker and mic, so that with the help of computer, they can make this noise. Earlier computers did not have a sound card because at that time it was not used in normal work for which computers are made.

Earlier devices had internal speakers that emitted common audio. As computers went out in the market in 1980, after that slowly makers felt that sound is also necessary for us. Such devices were made for certain apps and common tasks. Companies like IBM made sound cards such as Adlib and Creative Lab that worked on new types of sound technology. The performance of these sound cards was also quite good.

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After 1980, the computer market started coming with sound card. Initially this sound card used to run in few apps. They used to play songs and extract sound in some games. After this the sound card technology gained momentum and it started working on new software and apps.

Function of sound card in hindi Audio files also remain on the computer like other things. It stores many types of sound like digital information.

It spreads those unlawful wave which can knock on our ears. What a sound card does is convert it from digital code to audio and create sound waves. The card uses the DAC Yankee Digital Analog Converter to do this. The job of the converter is to convert audio files into electrical impulses that go from the sound card to the speakers.

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The driver of the speaker then converts the electrical impulses into a sound wave. Winners are also speakers, whether they are inside or outside, everyone has a sound card installed so that they can work properly.

Sound cards have many important functions. They also have to do all these things in the opposite way. If your computer has a mic, it also works with the help of a sound card. The sound card at this place uses the ADC Yankee Analog to Digital Converter. It converts the ADC sound wave into code to create an audio file. The sound card also acts like a MIDI interface, which is very useful for those who need to make electronic sound. Nowadays sound cards have become quite efficient, so that their cost is being reduced so that more people can use them easily.

Voice and channel

The sound card has both voice and channel. Let’s know what these two are.

Voice – Voice means how much sound, ie the sound from which sources can remove that card at a time. Whenever your computer logs out, it sounds and the email comes out, all this is possible only because of it. The builder puts a lot of sound in the sound card with the help of software and hardware because the first task of the sound card is to remove electronic music. Earlier sound cards used to have 9 to 18 voice only. After that, their number increased and it increased to 64, which increased to 32 with the help of software and 32 with the help of hardware. Today’s sound cards work on software more than hardware. He looks at how many sounds are made with the help of software.

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Channel – Sometimes people consider the channel and voice to be the same. This is the old meaning of how much audio output a sound card produces. Today’s stereo channel has two channels, 2.1 has a subwoofer, 5.1 also has surround sound and 7.1 has the best sound. The most important thing is that you should see that your sound card can be connected to maximum audio system.

Sound card upgradetion

We can replace the sound card with another card, which we can easily repair and it is also very easy to change so that we can replace it when new technology comes. The sound hardware that is in the motherboard cannot be removed, but we can disable it.

Good sound cards give us good audio, it also gives us digital sound and also increases the processing capacity. This causes less load on the CPU and we can operate easily. There are also external sound cards which we can connect with the help of USB port, so that the sound management is quite good.

You can buy both types of sound cards that are useful to you and easy to play. Some sound cards are expensive as well, so whoever takes the sound card carefully understands it. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, you can write it in the comment below.

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