What are the 6 advantages of an Amazon Store?


An Amazon store is essentially an opportunity for a seller with a registered brand to show all its products in one place without interruption from its competitors. It is also used as a landing page for sponsored brand ads and can be used to guide consumers to their website. The store can also be viewed by clicking on the brand name under the name and can be viewed via the Google search, which makes it off-site searchable. But why do we first create a brand store at Amazon (AMZN) ? Here are the 6 benefits that we believe your Amazon store can have.

  1. Amazon is the only place to avoid competition advertising

Any seller who announced on Amazon knows how permeated the PPC listings are. Thus, by creating a shop page, your shoppers can read all their ASINs without interrupting their competitors’ conversion cycle.

  1. Shows your entire inventory

The creation of an Amazon store is a great opportunity for Amazon shoppers, unlike without a store, to view your whole range in one place and not to present your products as a jumbled list. You can split your products by category, which customers can specifically search for such as toothpaste or maybe others. In this way, you facilitate the finding of what they want and clarify all the products that you sell that ultimately improve customer experience and possible conversion.

  1. Helps to successfully launch new products

New product launches may be expensive with regard to Amazon advertising, as you need to actively rank Amazon SEO from scratch. However, creating a store is free and provides a platform for advertising your new product range for no further cost than sponsored brand ads. In brief, you can make sponsored item ads for a new product to jump the queue on the search results until you gain relevance to the new product and create sponsored brand ads so that your new range is visible in Amazon. Therefore, by doubling the number of sponsored ads you can use, you double your sponsored ad campaign meaning.

  1. Adds your Amazon account a personal touch
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Imagine that you had the choice of buying from a corporate page that looked the same or unique. You might at least look at the unique products of the company out of curiosity. By giving the customer a personalized brand, you can give the customer a unique experience that can make a difference between you and your competitor.

  1. Brand Affinity Drives

Your Amazon Store page can also offer you the opportunity to build customer loyalty in addition to adding character to your Brand. Which content you choose to promote on your brand page can help you connect with your clients by common values. Writing content about your brand story helps to make your Brand more approachable and professional.

  1. Bring consumers to your Amazon pages from the outside

Creating the Amazon store also allows you to use a static URL on any of your social items to get customers to your ASINs. Thus, although sales away from your Brand’s website may appear counterintuitive, the sending of consumers to your Amazon store page is the perfect platform to improve your Amazon SEO and conversion rates.

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Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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