Useful Safety Tips For Content Creators Who Fly Drones


Utilising a drone has helped countless businesses grow in recent years, proving to be a highly versatile tool, particularly when it comes to gathering amazing video content. However, as useful, and widely available as drones have become, there are some basic rules and precautions that drone flying content creators generally need to keep in mind.

  1. Wherever You Are, Learn The Drone Laws

It doesn’t matter if you are at home in your backyard, out in the country with no one around, or in a completely unfamiliar and exotic location. Knowing and understanding the visual flight rules (VFR) Sectional chart of the area is highly important.

Even if you aren’t planning on going higher than the treeline, in most places, simply flying near restricted areas, such as airports, could result in a heavy fine, confiscation, or worse. To avoid this, it is better to always know beforehand, where exactly you can and can’t fly.

  1. Be Respectful Of Others

VFR apart, many places have yet to lay down strict laws in regard to use of drones in the airspace above public or privately owned land. Laws or no laws though, respecting the personal space and privacy of others is always generally a good rule-of-thumb to keep.

  1. Get Familiar With Your Interface & HUD

Everything important that you generally need to know while flying is usually displayed on the interface screen of your controlling device. Called the HUD, or heads-up display, this will usually include information about your battery level, GPS, altitude, speed, and other important information for you to monitor during flight. Knowing the controller and flight information can make you a better pilot, and potentially avoid errors leading to crashes.

  1. Learn To Fly In The Wind
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Most drones are designed to handle light winds and gusts. However, anything more than that and you’ll generally need to learn to manoeuvre yourself.

Strong winds can pose more risk than just making flight difficult and potentially making you crash into things. Being blown too high or far away by heavy winds could cause the drone to move out of range or lose battery power making it unable to safely return.

  1. Always Check The Propellers Before Flight

Being the very thing that gives drones their lift and control, it is important to regularly check the propellers for any sort of damage. Also make sure no dirt or any sort of twine or strand is in danger of getting stuck in the propellers.

  1. Use Pre-programmed Flight Paths

When in doubt, its best to let drones fly themselves. Pre-programmed flights can give you the time and space to focus on getting great video content. Also, if you are in a hurry and have a job to do, this can be a great way to save both time and battery power.

In Conclusion

Otherwise, much the same as when you enjoy live casino roulette online, have fun! And don’t let any of this stop you from getting creative. It’s your drone. Just try and do it responsibly and think of people and animals before you go ahead with it rather than regretting it later.

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