Unique Ways To Showcase Customer Reviews Widget On Websites


Positive customer reviews play a huge role in making a strong presence of business in the market. Reviews become an essential part in promoting the business through digital marketing as this is great means by which people get to know what the other people are saying about a business.

As many businesses are adopting digital marketing, it has increased competition between businesses to attract more customers and sell their products and services.

But how will customers buy products from your business? Do they have trust in you? Are they finding your brand’s products and services problem-solving? How do they come to know about your business and it helps in solving problems?

People are searching for what other people say about you and what their experience with your business is.

Reviews help people to know what are the features of your products and services. Online reviews are a compelling attribute for your business that you can use to tell people about your products and services and how much they are helpful in improving their life.

But how are you going to use reviews for your business? In this article, you will learn unique ways to showcase customer reviews widget on your business website and engage customers.

Four Unique Ways To Add Reviews Widget On Website

You can show reviews in four different ways which can be imperative for building effective marketing strategies.

It is a well-known fact that customer reviews increase users engagement and attract their attention. Use these four techniques to increase more user engagement and allow them to stick to your website.


Testimonials are an essential part of the business reviews and should be a part of your website. Earlier, testimonials were just a part of the company in the quotation marks, which is not very effective in attracting new customers.

In order to make reviews reliable, you must add them directly to the website or show in a case study.

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When you place testimonials on your website rather than quotations, new customers can read about your existing customers experience. It helps in increasing customer interaction time on your website as well as make your business more valuable and believable to those who are visiting your website for the very first time.

You can easily get reviews from your customers or give them a form as a request to fill out how you help them in solving their problems.

Ask permission to showcase their review on the website with their name and designation before you place them on your website.

Review Badges And Widgets

In order to ask your customers to give online reviews about your business on big platforms like Google or Yelp, you can use reviews to invite your customer to the website. Some review. These reviews allow your customers who are looking for your business to read reviews and what the other customers are saying about you.

Before buying your product or service, almost every customer is looking for satisfaction before they make a purchase decision.

Always use big names like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, or Capterra to invite people to write as well as read on your website. These are the most conducive websites where people can believe in your brand and the products and services you are offering.

Don’t worry, reviews widget won’t make your website heavy to load and do not affect speed. You can also custom design reviews widget and match the style with the layout of your website.

Embed Reviews Widget

If you don’t want your customers to leave your website, you can also embed a reviews widget on your website. You can fetch customer reviews from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other and embed it on your website.

This will directly tell your new customers about what the people are talking about you in social media and their experiences with your brand.

When you place social media feeds on your website, it will help in building more trust and reliability on your brand. Not only this, but it will also add quality content on your website that engages your visitors.

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You can use social media aggregator tools like Taggbox, TagEmbed, Embed.ly, and others to embed reviews widget on your website.

Featured Reviews With Attribution

If you want to play with your customer reviews and make it highly impactful then featured reviews with attribution technique you should adopt. You can take the reviews on the next level that are also helpful in building strong SEO.

Showing testimonial can be static and may not help in bringing desirable actions on your website.

You can embed the URL to the client’s website or link with the online review website that immediately helps in increasing the value of your business using the schema markup tool. With this, you can show high-quality reviews on the biggest search engine every time your business appears in search results.

With the help of schema markup, you can make it easy for search engines to represent your reviews on search engine result pages.

With the help of Schema Generator, you can create schema markup and submit it with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

You can enhance the schema markup with CSS or HTML if required and place it on your business website.

Edge Out In This Competitive Era

As competition is increasing tremendously, it becomes hard for businesses to attract customers as there are hundreds of competitors who are selling similar products.

One of the potent strategies that make you edge out in this competition is showcasing reviews. When people learn what your existing customers are feeling and how your brand helps them solve it, they are more likely to trust in your business.

Thus, to attract customers, you should showcase reviews widget on your website and let the other customers know what your brand is and how it is helpful.

Investing your time in embedding reviews and badges on your website pays you in the long run and creates an impactful image of your business. Every business should use it and harness the potential of reviews to grow their business.

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