Top 5 Fitness Myths That It’s Time to Overcome


The goal of your training is to lose weight, lose weight and bring your body shape closer to perfect. Do you work out in the gym or at home, without consulting a specialist?

Most likely you are captive of widespread misconceptions, which can become demotivating factors and lead to the termination of training. We list those fitness myths that we should rather forget about.

Myth 1: You can get rid of excess body weight only by spending calories in training

Cardio and physical exercise are mandatory, but, alas, are not the only methods of losing weight. Trainers and nutritionists insist that for an effective and meaningful weight loss, a proper change in eating behavior is a prerequisite. In addition, you need to learn to apply hockey stick tape on your training equipment for a better grip and workout results.

To lose excess adipose tissue, training is secondary, but will speed up the process. They will also make the skin tone up in response to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. With the gradual disappearance of abdominal fat accumulations, it is important to form a strong muscle corset in parallel, which will not allow the internal organs to fall. In addition, physical activity forces the endocrine glands to adapt more quickly to work under conditions when the amount of adipose tissue producing about 40 types of hormonal substances normalizes.

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Myth 2: There are wonderful negative-calorie foods.

Believing in miracles is good, but in this case, it is useless. Nevertheless, remember foods that, in combination with training and normalizing nighttime sleep, will help you lose weight:

  • Egg white and liquid yolk, lean beef, skinless chicken, legumes, whole buckwheat and oatmeal, cooked in water;
  • Hot red pepper, ginger and other spices, on the one hand enhancing appetite, but at the same time accelerating metabolic processes;
  • Caffeine of natural ground coffee without milk and sugar, nicotinic acid of beef liver and peanuts, catechins of large-leaf green tea;
  • Short-term lactic drinks;
  • Petiole celery;
  • Red grapefruit, pineapple.

Myth 3: Food and drinks labeled “fitness” can protect against the return of extra pounds

Do not include foods with similar inscriptions in your diet, and especially those that say “diet” or “for diabetics.” Artificial sweeteners are much more addictive than regular sugar, and subconsciously increase the calorie needs of the body. The same effect occurs when consuming low-fat foods. As a result, the increase in fat is guaranteed to you. The worst thing is that it begins to be deposited imperceptibly and inside, at the level of the waist and lower abdomen.

Myth 4: You can monitor the progress of weight loss using conventional scales

This is the most common mistake made by beginners who came to the gym for a beautiful figure. It is necessary to evaluate not the change in the total body weight, but the ongoing shifts with the percentage volumes of muscle and adipose tissue. For this, some people buy newfangled scales with the function of “weighing” fat. Do not throw money away. Such household appliances still lie a lot. Do not be lazy to control your successes or failures by performing body measurements. To do this, use a tailor tape, a special caliper (caliper) and calculation tables.

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Myth 5: Indicators on the screens of fitness equipment and fitness bracelets can accurately determine your energy consumption

Alas, this function is too approximate. Accurately determine the number of calories spent can only be done in a special mask, which makes measurements of the maximum amount of oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide emitted.

According to experts, the indicators issued by modern measuring energy-consuming devices are overestimated in cyclic simulators by an average of 10-20%, and in their elliptical variety, the percentage of lies reaches 40.


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