Top 4 online Instagram story viewers

Top 4 online Instagram story viewers

We are going to explain how to see the Instagram stories of other users without them knowing. When you enter the stories of an Instagram profile without logging in, the web will block your access until you enter with your account, and when you enter with your account, your username will appear to the other in the list of people who have seen his stories.

But if for whatever reason, you want to see someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously, or even download them, you should know that there are web pages that allow you to do so with total security. Here it is important that you know that you will only be able to see the stories of accounts that are not private and that these will disappear and will cease to be seen 24 hours after being published.

How to see Instagram Stories without it knowing

Unlike the photos that are uploaded to the platform, Stories always allow you to know how many people have seen said content and their specific user names. It is a way of giving some feedback to the user who uploads them so that you get an idea of the audience that your content has and the people who are most interested in seeing them.

There are times, however, that someone may be interested in seeing another person’s Stories without leaving a trace – in this case, there are certain solutions like gramvio too and others that we are going to talk to you about today.

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Stories Ig

A website where you only have to write the username of a person, and all their stories and the outstanding stories they have in collections appear. In addition, it allows you to see them all online or download them.

Ingrammer Story Viewer

Ingrammer Story Downloader

It is the online web service and specially designed to see the other’s Instagram stories without knowing them. You have the opportunity to see all the active stories and also highlights of any Instagram account. The most amazing thing about the Instagram story viewer is that you can easily save any story to your device.

Gramvio Story Viewer

Gramvio Story Viewer

It is one of my favorite tools to download and watch the stories of the people. With the help of story downloader, you can easily download the Instagram stories. It comes with a very simple interface and you don’t need any special type of skills to use this tool.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously:

The first thing you have to do is enter the website. Once you are on the web, write the name of the user whose stories you want to see in the field where username is written. When you type it, hit enter.

After a few seconds loading, you will go to a page where you will see the content of that user. At the top, you will see the latest Stories published by their profile, and if there are any, at the bottom, there will be a Stories Highlights field with the collections of highlighted stories that that same user has created. Here, click on the stories you want to see to proceed.

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Doing so will take you to a page where you can see all the stories currently on the profile you have chosen. With the help of these top 4 Instagram story viewers you can easily download and view the story of any person without knowing them.

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