Things to know before you start blogging


Today creating blog or blogs name is very simple and with the help of few easy steps, you can also create it. Nowadays blogging is a way to income money easily. However if anyone want to create a simple in addition to moneymaking blog then you have to choose the right path yourself.

Blogging Is A Matter Of Full Time And Effort

Before you start, ask yourself why you should start blogging. If your only goal is to make money online, then blogging may not be for you. There are over a hundred ways to make money online, but blogging is the hardest.

You have to be very diligent for blogging and it will take much time to get readers. It is an obvious thing that when you will publish your first post or blogs making no one will read it for the first time. One should always focus on the thing to make their content unique and informative.

Successful bloggers or blogs making are very patient and continue writing their blogs. This is a very difficult task but not impossible.

Blogging Is Not Always Free

Some of the blogging platforms are completely free and very easy to use. However, no matter how far you go in free, you cannot claim the blog as your own. Because most of the blog will own by, the provider and it will have different types of limitations.

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Once you start a blog or blogs making, you may have to spend some more money to get enough readers to the blog and increase their relevance.

One Will Have To Spend Some Money In These Sections:

  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Advertising
  • Author Collection
  • Software
  • The content is primary element

What Is Important “Quality Or Quantity?”

You need quantity to attract your traffic but you must value writing quality more than quantity. If your readers get some good information then of course they will engage with your site and become daily readers. On the other hand, no one will like your blog if it is informative and the information is vague.

Stay Connected Through Social Media

Just writing good posts is not enough. Since your blog or web design company is new, search engines will not find your writing, so where do you get readers? You have to be a preacher.

The best way to attract readers is through social media or blogs sales ad where you can promote your posts. You can also buy readers from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram You can publish a post in different places but keep in mind that you should not be a spammer.

Have Knowledge Of HTML

Thanks to those powerful blogging platforms because now you do not need HTML & CSS to blog anymore, because that is where the simple customization rules are given. The biggest thing is that you have to stick to it and success is bound to come.


Therefore whenever you think to start doing blog, you should have a clear idea all of these things. After that, you can start your blogging career.

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