The Sales Experts Guide to an Effective Decision-Making


A sales process is a number of steps by which you can become a customer. You still have a sales process if you sell, but you haven’t mapped a sales process. Visibility in this process is what you don’t have.

Contribution from Jeremy Miner, who has developed an internationally recognized sales training methodology that has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries to achieve exceptional results to date. This remarkable success in sales training was the natural progression of his extraordinary career in sales in the training and educational products industry.

A documented sales process establishes a common framework and language for your team so that everyone understands the progress and status of each pipeline opportunity.

If your team understands the overall progression of a chance and is visible at every stage of the process, you are suddenly empowered. 7th level communications can help provide advice and assistance that may be needed for smoother sales in the future.

Between one step and the next, you might start to see consistent problems and can now solve them. You notice that one of your representatives at one stage of the process is significantly more efficient than the rest of your team.

Methodology for successful sales

Although the sales process is one of the phases of your customer journey, your approach to the sales process is a sales methodology. This is how you sell it.

We list a number of sales practices, but you don’t just need to adhere to them. To create a personalized process that gives the most value to your customer, use the different elements that complement your business mission, your culture, your industry or your product or service, as well as your customers.

In Solution Sale, your job is to solve the specific problem of your buyer and improve it significantly. A particular product should not be pushed.

The sales solution is generally used for consultative sales. Sales advice focused on the buyer, so don’t be too rigid in your sales. Ask good questions, listen carefully and proceed with your buyer’s best, most complete and most effective solution.

Like sales solutions, the buyer-centered inbound sales methodology aims to prioritize the buyer’s journey and needs over that of the seller. However, retail sales are unique in their prospecting approach.

Since consumer access to product and solution information is more accessible than ever, a proponent of the inbound sales process is trying to get buyers in. You will do this through the provision of personalized content to meet the objectives of buyers and solve their problems. They are thus integrated into the sales process of their buyers.

Isn’t this a good outbound approach for a salesperson committed to excellence in the inbound sales industry too? Of course not!

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After all, it is possible to quit incoming sales by leveraging your marketing efforts to map an in-depth buyer. Personalize your message from there and communicate according to the importance of your buyer.

Top performers truly understand their customers’ business and, if necessary, challenge their customers to provide a better solution. Challengers are not afraid of a little debate in response to today’s savvy buyer and reverse it when it is best for their customers.

How to be an excellent decision maker

Here are some tips to make you a great decision maker, according to 7th level communications.

Blind spot sensitivity

Influential politicians are aware of their blind spots and must be open to new ways to fill their gaps.

Building consensus

They are good communicators and consensus builders, because even if no one understands its context, the best decision can be a failure. The success of your decision lives or dies with the support of your sales and management team. Consciously sell your choice as a product.

Landscape analysis

Good decision makers understand analytical value. For example, it’s obvious that before determining which business training company you should choose or which sales data platform to subscribe to, you need to understand and thoroughly compare what each sales provider offers. Develop your comparison chart so that all the facts are presented to you clearly, then determine what will be the results of your decision once your decision is made.

It is essential that you can predict how your choice will affect other areas. For example, the technical consequences of X’s decision are compared to Y and the extent to which your choice could affect your team’s daily productivity.

Entrance requested

They recall that others are also involved in their decisions to benefit from various points of view and skills in this area. They also suggest that the customer is always kept in front of the eyes. This helps you make a variety of tough choices, from choosing the best CRM technology for your business to examining how your decisions can affect all of the stakeholders involved.

Company presentation

New sales managers must also develop their knowledge of business principles to become effective decision-makers. To be effective decision makers, my guys need to understand the main drivers of the business. Through strict financial training, you bring new salespeople to a clear understanding of the fundamental drivers of your business.

Contributing credits

At 7th Level Communications, Jeremy has developed an internationally recognized sales training methodology which, to date, has helped over 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve exceptional results. This remarkable success in sales training was the natural progression of his extraordinary career in sales in the training and educational products industry.

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For over a decade in the industry, he has led global sales forces, developed sales training and has been the single largest contributor to sales in companies where he has exponentially increased his revenues in good standing rather that in exception. Jeremy is one of three active sales trainers in the world, with individual revenues as a salesperson of more than seven figures per year.

It has always been ranked among the best generators of sales revenue internationally, including 45th among the 150 best employees among the 80 million sellers active in the direct sales industry.

Before founding 7th Level Communications, Jeremy co-founded and served as the sales manager of an online education start-up that he took from zero to $ 37 million in revenue the first year. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales at Wealth Masters International, a provider of personal finance training and educational products.

With responsibility for recruiting and training the global trade organization, he has increased his annual revenue from $ 12 million to $ 75 million in three years. Prior to Wealth Masters, Jeremy was vice president of sales and best individual seller for Life Path Unlimited. His sales expertise helped propel this personal development training and education business from start-up to a market leader with $ 55 million in annual revenue in just two years.

Previously, he was Liberty League International’s top seller in the same niche in the industry, where he was instrumental in setting new industry records in terms of sales revenue.

Prior to his experience in the training and educational products industry, Jeremy was a regional sales manager and principal salesperson for Vivint, a home security service provider. He expanded the sales force, developed sales training materials, and increased the company’s annual revenue tenfold to $ 100 million in two years.

At Pinnacle Security almost 20 years ago, Jeremy began his career selling door-to-door home security products. Here he had his initial epiphany on conventional sales approaches and then adapted his methods. His new methods earned him $ 100,000 during a college summer break and the position of vice-president of sales two years later, during which he played a key role in putting the company on the Inc. list. 500 of the fastest growing companies.

Jeremy studied behavioral and organizational sciences at the University of Utah Valley, which was to play a basic role in the development throughout his career of his Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning sales methodology.

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