Surprise Your Sibling on this Raksha Bandhan with these Gift Ideas


There are many sweet and fiery experiences in the relationship between brothers and sisters that keep them close to the heart despite the miles of physical distances. From eating the last cookie to fighting over mobile or tv remote, there is a long list of stupid things siblings are grappling with. It doesn’t matter how much you annoy them the whole day, you always have their back. Raksha Bandhan is the valuable day when siblings let go of the game of teasing and leave no stone unturned to make one another feel special and loved. Your sibling is your greatest prank buddy no one knows this better than you, your siblings. Whether it’s your elder sister’s calls after a night out to ask if your parents were angry, ask your brother to keep the boyfriend hidden, steal clothes from the cupboard or cover the late-night food order packets before your parents get to know! With the arrival of Raksha Bandhan, you must be searching for rakhi gifts that are unique and valuable in order to convey your love and affection to your sister. It’s always full of wonder to find the appropriate gift to your beautiful sister or brother according to his / her preference. So, we’ve created a list of selected rakhi gifts for sisters and brothers that will fit various age groups and desires.

Customized Gift

The customized presents can never get out of the trend and can also never fail to bring a large smile on the face of your sibling. You can personalize the wine glasses, phone covers, and many other items by attaching lovely and unforgettable images and heartwarming ideas on it. You can also order rakhi gifts online for getting the best-customized gift at your place.

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Personalized Rakhi

It’s one of your brother’s normal and also most compulsory rakhi gifts. But by making it personalized with a special photo of your brother or a photo of you both, you can turn it even more special. Thought about how a gift it’ll be? Wait if you add your memorable photograph or note on it, he’ll definitely preserve it as a gift!

Potted Plant

You can give an adorable small potted plant to your sibling that will cleanse the ambient air and also give healthy and refreshing vibes that will improve their temper and concentrate on the relevant stuff. And for its beauty, these plants are the ideal Rakhi gifts and it also reveals the efforts you have put in to make an ultimate gift.

Nostalgia Personalized Lamp

Excitement is when you close your eyes, and thoughts appear in front of your eyes one after another. Witness the same with open eyes! Give your beloved brother/sister a personalized, nostalgic spinning lamp that will not only shine memories but also gives it a mesmerizing feeling by presenting them through the rotating one after the other. You can use it as the lighting lamp in the room with a switch on its stand, and as a spinning show of light memories when you think exactly like it.

Photo Book

Photos are the selection of pleasant times that you shared with the dear ones. The moment may change, the guy may change, even the location may change but the images will remain the same. So, ride down the nostalgic trip on this Raksha Bandhan and grab all the good memories from your childhood and give your brother a photo book.



Shades are the accessories that can help any dress look remarkable. Sisters have already been identified as their brothers’ makeup artist so that you can grab for your brother’s set of cool glasses and style him according to the latest fashion for this Rakhi festival.

Box of Chocolate

Combine your unconditional love into your bond with mouth-watering chocolate. Buttery, soft chocolates are assured to soothe her / his taste buds. Along with rakhi, girls and some boys enjoy candies so you can get a box of their favourite one that they’ll happily eat with a big smile on the face. You can also give a chocolate box a special touch by adding his / her photo. You can also deliver rakhi gifts online and surprise your siblings.


Scarves are a beautiful accessory which can convert even the craziest outfit into an eye-catching one. Even though the flowering pattern is getting high, a flowers-printed scarf can be given. If your sister’s really confident about fashion, pick a scarf with bright colors. Headscarves are a great choice because they’re in fashion these days too.

These are one of the fantastic rakhi gift ideas that anyone can choose for making this auspicious celebration more wonderful.


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