Pocket Pussies

Pocket Pussies

No one normal person can ever be fed up with orgasms. But you should know, that your sexual pleasure can be forced. It doesn’t matter, if you are single, or you have an instant partner, everyone dreams about new feelings, according to his imagination.  Our pocket pussies will help you to receive much more enjoying of masturbation and you will never consider it more like a boring activity. 

What are the pocket pussies?

Pocket pussies are the special type of artificial vaginas that are usually used for men’s masturbation. 

In our store you can choose pocket pussies of 2 basic types:

  •         Natural, that are very similar to real woman’s pussy.
  •         Fake pocket vaginas – they will get you the same feelings, but their shape isn’t similar to the part of the body. 

These wonderful appliances you can use not only for masturbation when you are alone, but also add the colors in your couple’s sexual relationships – every woman or guy friend will be horny during watching you playing this game. 

Varieties of pocket vaginas

There are a big variety of pocket vaginas, and each type of them had its individual features. Below, you can study all categories of these tools that you will find in the sex shop. 

Based on shape and design

  •         Pocket pussies with realistic design. These appliances are the most popular among the man. The external and internal surfaces copy the real woman’s vagina, and the elastic soft hole can be adapted to any size of your friend. Some tools have special signatures by your favorite idol pornstar.
  •         Mouth pocket pussies are the best present for blowjob lovers. On the front surface of these toys, you can see a very realistic mouth with fat lips, and some models are also supplied with teeth. 
  •         Anal pocket pussies are suitable for couples and single men. It will get a lot of pleasure for gays. The toy contains a hole, which is the full copy of the real anal and sphincter. You can have a day anal sex even if your partner doesn’t like and cannot accept it. 
  •         Universal pocket pussies – these appliances don’t have any special design, but the ergonomic shape will always help to cum. The elastic internal surface firmly squeezes the penis and allows you to get pleasure absolutely anywhere.
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Based on feelings and functions

  •         Realistic pocket pussy – the toy is a full copy of the real vagina with its clitoris, all-natural folds, and the main hole – just use lubricant and have sex. We can offer you different types and sizes of labia.
  •         Vibrating pocket pussy – is equipped with an eccentric, the speed of which depends on the mode you have selected on the control panel. You will receive a lot of pleasure if try to do it in some extraordinary place, for example, in your office. 
  •         Texture pocket pussies – the surface is provided with ribs, spirals, or pimples for more enjoyment. You can choose any type of irregular frame according to your own preferences.
  •         Strokers – the main future of these toys is they aren’t imitating the real vagina outside. But internal hollow is made in an irregular way and can be provided with an electric vibrator for enjoying and fast orgasm.
  •         Hands-free pocket pussies – on the backside there is a plane with a suction cup, which can be easily attached to any smooth surface. You can penetrate your pussy and your hands will always be free for making any other manipulations. 

Based on the type of materials

  •         Cyberskin – usually is used to produce realistic vaginas. The material is considered as the premium substance because it presents you with the full sex imitation with your imagined partner. 
  •         Rubber – is a very convenient material for pocket pussies because of its strength and durability. High-quality rubber is a very elastic substance that can be used for decades or years without any damages. 
  •         TPE – thermoplastic elastomer, durable and reliable material that will never cause skin allergies.
  •         Soft plastic – the main feature of this material – is its jelly structure. When your penis is inside – you can feel the real body temperature and moving imitation. 
  •         Latex – the most popular material for most sex toys. It has a lot of good qualities. Latex pocket pussies are highly durable, flexible, elastic, and safe for health.
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How to take care of your pocket pussy?

Each sex toy is an intimal tool and you should follow all hygiene and sanitary requirements, such as:

  •         Clean your toy with a mild cleaning agent after each use.
  •         After cleaning, the surface of the device must be thoroughly dried.
  •         Keep your pocket pussy closed, clean, and dry.
  •         Many pocket pussies have a through-hole on the frame for cleaning the inside out.
  •         Wet cleaning of a toy should only be done with hypoallergenic products. A warm soapy solution is best suited for this work.
  •         When the device is immersed in water, it is recommended to de-energize it by taking out the batteries.

What is necessary to know

In our catalog, you can find different dimensions of pocket pussies. The most popular sizes are from 3,5 to 9,0 inches. This feature is very important if you are going to travel somewhere with your toy. 

Before making a purchase, it is recommended to study the grip strength and material density, which is especially important when your friend is large. The pocket vagina should fix your penis strong, but without pain, for the most pleasure. 

Always use the lubricant or any other oil liquid. It will help you to insert the penis easier, and decrease the friction. In the absence of lubrication, there is a high probability of injury, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Before buying the necessary appliance, it is better to study the full manual to be sure, that it is exactly what you need. Don’t forget, that sex toys should be used only in the correct way, for getting pleasure and for achieving a fast orgasm.

Our sex toys will help you to refresh your relationship with your partner, and you will be happy to add some more colors to your private life. 


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