Planning For The Year Ahead – An Investment Without A Guarantee


Life is a lot of things, good and bad. It’s a river that keeps flowing through all obstacles. And it is also a journey that leaves memories to cherish even after the moments are over. But do you know that life is also an investment without a guarantee? Yes, 2020 showed us that! We invested our time, efforts and resources in planning the year, but the pandemic turned it all upside down.

Even now, when the world is waiting to get that vaccine shot, is there any guarantee that it will work? We are hoping, and the chances are mostly positive, but what is the guarantee? There is none, really!

And this is exactly what we have to accept. It is another definition of life itself – an investment without a guarantee.

So if there is no certainty of our future, on what basis should we plan for the year ahead?

We should plan because we need to and have to. Not a day goes without a plan. From deciding your breakfast menu to movies to watch in the afternoon, planning precedes everything. Sometimes, we are not even aware that we are planning something until we execute the same.

So, are you ready to plan for the year again? As we said earlier, there is no guarantee that it will succeed, but planning is fun in itself. Let’s help you create a simple plan for 2021 that may have greater chances of getting executed.

Take a short trip

Take your car and go on a camping adventure, somewhere away from the chaos, and into the arms of Mother Nature. It will rejuvenate your senses and help you get back to your regular life with renewed energy. You may also go for hiking trips with your closest friends or family (avoid large gatherings) and enjoy your time together. If you have children, don’t forget to carry your picnic basket. However, at this moment, even a solo trip will count. You need to get out and stay out for a while. Are you feeling hesitant to go out because of lockdowns, or the new virus strain? Well, you have the entire year to plan a short trip. Even planning for it will give you joy, as you know that this dark phase too shall pass.

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Develop a creative hobby

Hobbies are the best ways of diverting your mind from negativity. When you indulge in a creative hobby, you tend to lose track of time and immerse in it completely. As a lazy mind invites dark thoughts more, hobbies prevent the same. Don’t you have any hobby? You can always start one afresh. Start painting your thoughts on the canvas or scribbling in your journal. Don’t expect that you’ll create a masterpiece. But you will definitely untangle the thoughts lingering in your mind and let them out on paper. Wish to do something else? You can learn pottery and create beautiful structures. If you want a simple hobby, give reading a try. Pick a subject and read as much as you can on it. Gathering knowledge will also wash away the darkness of your mind.

Focus on self-discipline

This year, you can plan to get your life on track. It won’t be hard, and no pandemic or lockdown can stop it if you are willing. All you have to do is bring some discipline into your life. Who says that discipline is only for kids? Don’t you brush your teeth or bathe regularly? Well, that is also discipline! Even getting up from the bed and going to sleep at night is a form of disciplinary behaviour.

With increased self-discipline, you can enhance your inner strengths and keep your mind in your control. If that happens, you can decide what thoughts to allow inside your mind and what to keep put. Self-discipline also helps curb temptations, be it for junk foods, alcohol or smoking. So this year, you can say goodbye to whims and discipline your mind to enjoy its long-term benefits.

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Nurture relationships

Again, this plan is solely dependent on your wishes and actions. If you want to make your family feel happy and loved, there is no stopping you, not even a global pandemic. Do you stay away from your family and there’s no way to meet them in person? Well, write letters to them. Send gifts and chocolates every month and hold virtual video sessions with them on weekends. You do not have to move mountains for them. Little things matter and focus on these little things to give them immense joy. If there’s love, your efforts will be cherished, and you will see a natural glow on their faces. That’s enough, believe us!

Be your true self

You don’t need to plan this one, just practise. Practise honesty, and saying ‘no’ sometimes. It may seem difficult at first, but you will also feel incredibly relieved later. Also, practise the art of prioritising your needs. Is there a new job that’s paying you quite a sum, but you’ve already committed somewhere else? If you need the money, you can go ahead with the high-paying opportunity and say ‘no’ to the former job. They may get disappointed and even misunderstand you. It won’t matter as long as you’re honest. If you think that your commitment is of more value, reject the offer straightaway. It is always about your priorities if you think carefully. No one else will get affected by your decisions as much as you.

So, are there any other plans that you want to execute? Let us discuss how to turn your 2021 into a meaningful and satisfying year. And in every way, better than 2020!

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