How to put a carpet in the bedroom 8 ways to hit!

How to put a carpet in the bedroom 8 ways to hit!

Often the issue of laying carpets at home, often brings with it much controversy. And it is that although hitting the key when placing them turns out to be simple, not everyone has it equally clear. So in the face of the need for clarification when welcoming one of them home and focusing on our most personal space to do so, we show you a few ways to get it right in full to accommodate it. Integrating a carpet in the bedroom will be easier than ever from now on . Look look!

Bedside walkway

If with its placement you want a decorative and warm touch to your bedroom, or to soften only a very specific area of your most intimate space , decorating the foot area of the bed with hallway rugs can be a visual, practical and secluded option. And it is that both if you are one of those who fits in that space, as if you have a small bench or trunk to do it, incorporating one of these rugs will give a touch as functional as comfortable and beautiful to the room completely changing your vision of it .

At your feet

Without a doubt this is one of the most widespread practices to avoid failure. And also one of the most recurring. And it is because unfortunately for many, the space that is available in most bedrooms on foot does not give much more 🙁 The good part? Well, there is a wide variety of models, styles and varied on the market Prices among which you will surely find the one that best suits your circumstances and you. Covering a small part of the side of the bed or almost its entirety, will only depend on you.

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Encompassing everything

A beautiful and distinguished practice involves completely sheltering the area where the most representative elements of the room are located. Placing bed and bedside tables on a wide and warm carpet in the bedroom will give you a difficult touch just like in any other way. Although it is true that if you do not intend to make a considerable investment, this practice may not adapt to what you are looking for.

From the center of the bed to the back

For this, it will be enough with a carpet of a more usual size and easier to find. And the visual results will be as great as they are comfortable. Of course, keep in mind that in order for the sea to look good, the carpet must protrude from the sides of your bed . About forty centimeters on each side can be more than enough to achieve a great visual impact. In the longitudinal direction, starting in the center or a third of the feet, will be equally effective.

Carpet in bedroom: Excluding bedside tables

Beautifying your home with rugs does not distinguish between areas. And it is that in all without distinction they will be able to fill with warmth and well-being the stay and the flow in each one of them. The next idea is to cover the bottom of the bed, but excluding from it the area dedicated to the bedside tables . Another great bet that will not go unnoticed at all. And as a button shows, see how beautiful the idea is through the image that I show you below.

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At the foot of the bed:How to put a carpet in the bedroom 8 ways to hit!

If you are lucky enough to be able to house a beautiful rug at the foot of your bed, happy you. Because doing so will fill your flow throughout the bedroom with warmth. That if. Keep in mind that the areas of busy passage will in the long-term appreciate the use of colors that are not too light or that are difficult to clean. It would be good to study your daily movements and lifestyle before opting for one model or another so as not to end up regretting the decision made in the long run.

Overlapping them

An idea that is as visual as it is current and casual, involves encouraging you to superimpose rugs in the bedroom. Playing to contrast colors, shapes and fabrics with them will bring a depth and style of its own and characteristic to your most intimate and personal space at home. Doing it in different directions will also be a great idea. In addition to the greater the covered surface, the greater warmth, comfort and feeling of well-being you will enjoy.

As you can see, encouraging yourself to accommodate a carpet in the bedroom is a practice suitable for all tastes, lifestyles and budgets. Bet on the idea that best suits your possibilities of space, shape and decorative preferences, and don’t wait any longer to welcome one in your bedroom!

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