How angioplasty is done?


When angioplasty is done, it can get the normal blood flow back in the heart. This surgery can open the coronary artery which was narrowed down or was blocked because of a heart attack. It can also get blocked with a blood clot or calcium and fat from a ruptured plaque.

One can check the angioplasty surgery price in India if the doctor has recommended one to do so after surviving a heart attack. There are some specialized heart hospitals where this procedure is done and one can go there only. This surgical procedure is also known as the percutaneous coronary invention or coronary angioplasty.

How this is done? Well, during the procedure, a thin and soft tube is used called the catheter. The surgeon inserts the catheter into the blood vessel of the wrist or groin and then it they guide it till it reaches the coronary artery of the heart. Cardiac catheterization which is also known as the coronary angiogram and here the catheter is first used to find the blockages in the coronary arteries and inject a dye which contains iodine into the arteries to locate them. once the arteries become clearly visible on the digital X ray screen displayed in front it becomes clear to the doctor the location of those blocked arteries.

When there is a blockage the catheter is moved to the narrowed part of the artery. Then a tiny balloon is moved through the catheter and by it the surgeon opens the artery. The balloon gets inflated for a short time and then it is deflated and removed finally. The pressure that the inflated balloon creates in that time makes more room for the blood to flow because the balloon presses the plaque against the wall of the artery. This makes the artery block open again.

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In some cases, the doctor might remove those loose pieces of blood clots from the artery. It is done by using a small device called the vacuum. The doctor can move the device up through the catheter till the blocked artery and then remove the clot pieces. This is another and newer procedure used in angioplasty.

Stent is also used in this surgery. This is a small yet expandable tube and it is permanently inserted in the artery during the time of angioplasty. The stent can keep the artery open. During angioplasty the balloon is placed inside the stent and then it is inflated. It opens up the stent and pushes it into the place against the artery wall so that it can keep the narrowed artery open. These stents are like woven mesh and the cell linings in the blood vessel grow through and around the stent to help and secure it.

One can check the angioplasty surgery cost in India from a renowned surgeon and once the surgery is over it takes a few days to recover from it. One might need to take bed rest for at least 2 days once the surgery is over.

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