How an Organization can protect its data from Cyber Threats?


In today’s Internet-connected world, cyber attacks are a common threat to all companies. As more and more companies perform their data operations on the internet, the chances of attacks increase rapidly. Hackers are not only becoming more effective, but they are not afraid to target even large organizations with well-equipped security measures. That’s why their good counterparts, white hat hackers with CEH certification in Abu Dhabi are dedicated to remove cyber threats for n organization.

What is hacking?

Hacking is the term of accessing a computer or network without the permission of the owner. The person making the unauthorized access is called a hacker. Specifically, a hacker recognizes the technical weaknesses of a computer or network. He then uses this vulnerability to gain access to the system. The main goal of any hacker is to change the security features of the system.

How to protect data from hackers?

Operating system update

Employees should be aware of the latest patches and updates that have been released for their operating system. It is important to update the operating system to the latest version for protection against malware.

Install a firewall

If you are working on a system provided by the office you work in, make sure it has a firewall installed. However, do not run two firewalls at the same time to avoid collisions and malfunctions.

Select Internet Provider Service

Choose the best internet service provider by comparing built-in security features along with speed and price. Also, choose reputable and reputable service providers.

Hire Professional Ethical hackers

They are also called White Hat hackers. Identify the weaknesses of computers and networks to fix them. Ethical hackers with CEH course in Dubai are employed as security professionals to combat malicious cyber attacks.

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Install antivirus software

Always install antivirus software in addition to the security tool provided by the operating system, such as Microsoft Security Essentials. It is better to buy a software license instead of downloading free versions.

Use stronger passwords

Do not use the same password for all accounts you use. Create different passwords that are unique. It must be a combination of many numbers, symbols and case sensitive characters.

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