What to do if you have a complaint against a house removal company in the UK

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There comes a time in your life where you need to get the services of some house removal company. Whether you rent a house or own a home, getting the services of a house removal company will be a greatly beneficial thing for you.

The professional services provided are there to make things easier for you, but what if something does not go the way it is intended? Most people do not know what to do in this case. So, here we will discuss what you should do if you have a complaint against the house removal company in the UK.

Contacting the management of your house removal company.

Most of the time the on the ground employees cannot make the decision, so as cliché as it sounds it will be best to contact the management of the company, they will have better leeway to make decisions that may help your cause and be able to deal with any grief you may have.

What if your issue is not resolved by the management of the house removal company?

There are many cases where the customers have complaints against the house removal companies but the management are not able to resolve the issue. Most of the customers are frustrated because of this. However, if you are in this case, you can contact the FHIO or the Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman.

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This is an authorized individual that is responsible for making decisions without being biased towards anyone. So, contacting FHIO you might stand a good chance to get your complaint resolved, please note however that such ombudsman service will carry extra costs.

What are some conditions to contact FHIO for help?

Although FHIO is the person who can help you in resolving your problem, there are some things that you need to make sure of before you contact them. There are some conditions that you need to fulfill before contacting FHIO regarding your matter. Here we have mentioned some of them.

  • The complaint regarding your issue must have been raised within 12 months of the date when your services were delivered.
  • Your issue has not been taken to the courts.
  • The service provider has produced a viewpoint letter.
  • If the service provider has not issued a viewpoint letter, then 8 weeks must have passed from the date when the complaint was issued.
  • You have tried to contact the service providers and issued a complaint there, but your matter has not been resolved.

If you fulfill all these requirements, then you can contact FHIO.

What will be the ultimate decision?

When you issue the complaint and that is not resolved by the service provider, then you can take the matter in front of FHIO. Afterward, the case will be investigated by highly professional members and an impartial decision will be made.

So, whether that decision is in your or your service provider’s benefit, both of you have to consider it as a final decision and no further complaints can be issued regarding the matter.

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Many people have to face issues because of the bad services of the home removal companies. The worst thing here is that most companies do not help the customers despite the mistake of the service providers.

Above all that the customers do not know what to do. So, here we discussed everything that you can do to get your issue resolved if you have any complaints regarding your house removal company.

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