Four Amazing And Effective Ways To Stick On The New Year Resolution


New year, it always comes with new joy, new hope, new attitude of work, and a refreshing start in life. I think you all will agree with me, that every New Year, we say to each other now everything will be good. We say this too, forget about the past, now think positive so everything will be positive. I am sure, most of you give flower bouquets to your sweetheart. So the freshness and fragrance of flowers will make both of your lives beautiful just like the flowers. We cut cakes, do parties on the 31st of December and we welcome the New Year with Bloomsvilla midnight cake delivery in Bangalore. And one more thing most of you do but not stick with that one week. I am sure most of you understand what I am saying. Yes, it is about New Year’s resolutions. If your last year, resolutions didn’t complete. Don’t worry, this year, it will definitely, now you will ask how here is the answer. Just follow these four things, you will definitely complete your New Year resolutions.

Take one or two resolution that is worth for you

You know, what most of you do is make a mistake, and think how others complete their resolutions, and I didn’t. It’s all because of your wrong way of taking a resolution. Look I can explain to you with an example. When you were in your school, teachers used to give you one lesson to remember you first, after those two, and then many more. Now, think if she had given you to remember all the lessons at one time. Have you ever been able to complete it? I just want to say, it becomes a burden when lots of work comes together. But if you will do it one by one, then you will be able to do it very well and quickly. So instead of taking lots of resolutions, take one or two resolutions. So it will be easy to complete instead of being a burden. Take only that resolution which is worth it for you. After completing that resolution, you will achieve something. It can be anything to learn dance, weight loss, exercise, or anything else.

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Focus and measure

Yes, focusing on and measuring both things are very important. Whatever you do, if you are not focusing on that work, you will never be able to complete that work. The next thing is the measure, so you will understand where you exist. Why do we give tests or exams in school? It’s only because, to know how much I learned and where I exist. Just like it measures your work towards your resolution. Make a chart and fill it once a week, twice a week, or every day. So you will know how much work you have done, and how much left to complete the resolution. Just like before you buy flowers or send flowers to someone, we check the quality of the flower whether it is fresh or not.


Punctuality is very important for achieving anything. Most of the people have punctuality problems. Like if someone has a measure of completion day if he or she will do work for it 5 days in a week. But most of the people do it once or twice a day in a week. In fact, after a few weeks, most people forget that I have to do something. I mean, forget about the resolution and all the planning. And it’s all happening because of the punctuality problem. So be punctual toward your work.

Understand the importance

People take the resolution on the New Year. But after some days they leave the resolution. Because they think it is useless, I don’t need it. But in reality, you really need it. Like if you are overweight, and you have taken the resolution to say no to the junk or twice a month. But now, you are having it twice or thrice a week, just like last year. So you have to understand the importance, that it is beneficial for you. You need it, the day you will understand it. I assure you, no one can stop you to complete the resolution,  not even you.

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