Essential Things You Need To Know Before Going For Eye Surgery


You have had issues with eyesight since forever, making you a slave of your glasses or contacts and you are now tired of the hassle. You want to see clearly as soon as you wake up from sleep till you drift off again at night. You heard a few people talking about eye surgery and now you are wondering if you should get it done for yourself too. Of course, you will have more questions, the most pressing one being, ‘does it really work?’

Here are a few things you need to know before you make your decision.

Do You Really Need Eye Surgery?

The first thing you need to be sure of is that you really need this procedure. There are many corrective measures for eyesight issues which makes it very important for you to identify one that suits you. You can consult with an eye specialist and discuss your conditions in detail and follow the advice given. Laser eye surgery is a very common and famous procedure carried out by experienced doctors in Adelaide.

Know Your Surgeon

Once you have decided on the procedure, you need to look for an experienced, board-certified ophthalmologist. Ask questions about your surgeon’s experience and complication rate directly. Enquire about whose care you will be under after before and after the surgery.

Follow Pre-Surgery Instructions

Most doctors will ask you to stop wearing contact lenses and make-up at least a week before your surgery. This is done because wearing contacts alters the shape of the cornea and they must return to their original shape before your procedure. Avoiding make-up reduces the risk of contracting an infection post-surgery.

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Aftercare Is Mandatory

After your surgery, you will be expected to adhere to some aftercare instructions. This list can be long, but you must make sure to adhere to them strictly. This list will have dos and don’ts like not applying eye-makeup, staying away from dust and using antibiotic eye drops. If your normal life consists of a lot of activity, make sure to ask the doctor what you should be avoiding.

Research The Risks Involved

You can search “Eye surgery Adelaide” to find the best hospital for quick procedure, and you will be on your feet in no time, but like every surgical procedure, eye surgery comes with possible risks. The complications are rare but knowing about them ahead of time means you are prepared no matter what.

Even though eye surgery is a quick procedure, and you can get clear vision almost instantly, it is important to take ample time to recover. It is okay for you to return to normal daily activities. However, swimming or being in direct contact with dust is not recommended immediately after the surgery to avoid infections. The total healing time is extremely fast but it is ultimately your choice to determine what is the right amount of time to take off work or engage in limited daily activities.

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