COVID-19 Prevention-How Thermal Scanner Help Detects High Risk Individuals

Thermal Scanner

As we can see the current situation of the whole world and everyone is facing a severe lockdown situation in which everything has destroyed badly. COVID-19 has directly affected business industry and the whole world is facing great issues die to it. the economic graph of every country has gone down due to not having efficient opportunities of business in the market. many organizations have disposed their business permanently and many organizations have shifted to virtual work option. no doubt, utilizing this amazing modern technology factor is quite impressive and unique. It is also the best way to start operating official work solution instead of removing everything by all means.

The whole world is finding the best and effective solution for removing the sign of coronavirus from the world. Well, it is not an easy thing but it is possible and you can better promote social distancing which is the key feature in these days. Only social distancing will keep you save from getting affected from coronavirus disease and you will never it useless by any chance. In the whole scenario, here you also have to follow described SOPs which are very much important and compulsory to follow in these days. The role of modern IT devices is also incredible in the whole scenario and you will never find these gadgets useless by any chance.

Today we will also describe you the most amazing but useful IT invention which has grabbed the attention of the whole world towards it. have you heard anything about ScanTekk Kiosk? The whole world is utilizing the same solution which is quite beneficial and effective that will notify you the corona affected people without any hassle. Here we will describe you its main features and how it will be the perfect choice to place at your business premises by all means.

ScanTekk Kiosk

ScanTekk Kiosk is the best innovation of modern technology in which we can better sort out coronavirus affected people in a crowd of people respectively. it is kind of a tablet which has a smart camera option that will scan the body temperature of every person through it. No doubt, it is much preferred and smart solution that will save you and others from getting serious infection through coronavirus respectively.

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The use of ScanTekk Kiosk is getting quite normal all around and you can see the smart services of coronavirus scanner outside the business premises. It is the most intelligent devices of this era in which you are free to chose for area where you want to place them. Moreover, we will describe you its intelligent features in the following section and you will surely find them useful by all means.

Key Specifications of Thermal Scanner:

  • Quad Core 1.8GHZ ARM Processor SoC
  • 4GB RAM
  • Quad Core T760 GPU
  • 8GB Internal Storage
  • 8” Touchscreen with 800*1280 Resolution
  • RFID Reader
  • Wi-Fi
  • RJ45 Ethernet
  • Web Management Interface
  • Serial COM for connection to access gates

Here you also need to know that thermal scanner is much efficient that it can scan more than 1000 people in an hour and you will also get 99 percent accurate results of it. right now, people are searching out more about this incredible solution and they also recommend this option to their loved ones so, they can better manage everything at their commercial places.

Here we will let you know the benefits of using thermal scanner in detail and how you could get it for future events

Benefits of Using Thermal Scanner:

Here we will describe you the quality benefits of using thermal scanner in detail and how it will protect you and your commercial places through its great intelligence factors.

1.     Protection of Employees

Protection of the employees is the liability of the organization and company is fully responsible to provide them a secure shelter by applying several techniques. Social distancing is the best solution in all and you can do everything through it. here you can also allow them to sit by maintaining a gap with each other and also scan their fever on regular basis to avoid any type of inconvenience.

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2.     Protection of Commercial places

To guard the commercial places, it is very much important to place thermal scanner solution outside the premises. You can better hire this solution for the premises protection and it will be effective for you by all means.

3.     Future Events can Organized

Thermal scanner can be effective for organizing future events which have been postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak. The best solution is to hire multiple devices from trusted solution providers and everything will be on the top of the list.

4.     Best Solution for Professional Meetings

You can also hire this amazing solution from trusted solution providers and it will scan and guard the whole meeting session through its intelligence.

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