Can Big Data be a Weapon to Fight Climate Change?


Do you know how much a gigatonne measures in kilograms? 10 to the power of 12. 427 times that much is the amount of ice sheet melting down each year. The average temperature on earth has increased by 1.9 degree celsius since 1880 and trust me, that is a lot. These drastic changes are concurrent with the rise of industries across the globe. Since the industrial revolution in the mid 1800s the earth has not breathed easy. 

Global warming has revealed itself as an unstoppable plague that is tearing the poles down, inflating the oceans, reducing rainfall, changing climates and affecting human lives in the harshest way possible. There is no denying that global warming owes all its powers to technology. Technological development has been consistently proportionate with the ever increasing carbon footprint. It is time for payback. That is exactly what big data analytics is expected to do. 

BIg data modelling to find out the cost of decisions

Decisions have always been made in favour of profit to the organizations. It is time that the earth is brought into consideration. Predictive models can be used to measure the effect of each policy and each lifestyle decision on the environment. Evident data instead of hunches and guesses is far more effective.

Pointing fingers

When your home is under attack it is important to identify and eliminate the threats. Similarly it is important to identify the primary causes of global warming and climate change. Big data analytics has helped Scientific America find out 100 cities that account for 20% of the world’s carbon footprint. 97% of the global carbon footprint is contributed by urban areas. This information can help the authorities take certain measures to control this epidemic.

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Running on borrowed time

Some of the changes that are caused by global warming are irreversible and some reversible. We have around 12 years to bring about some changes to stop global warming or else we will be on the fast track to extinction. At this point big data analytics and data science can help us allocate the resources in a sustainable manner and control industrialization when and where needed to save the civilization. United Nations Global Pulse has launched a competition for organizations to come up with innovative applications of analytics to put a leash on climate change. We can very well imagine the gravity of the situation. We need the brightest minds to fill the institutes for big data analytics training in Malaysia

A beginning

A NASA satellite has recently spotted a significant reduction in air pollution in the southwest coast America. We may not be too late to react after all. Authentic, real time information regarding climate change streaming across the world has turned some heads and people have become more and more aware of their position in the grand state of affairs. It is a good time to push the campaign through with the help of data analytics.  

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