Buyers Guide: 5 Tips To Find The Best Custom Memory Foam Mattress


After a long and tiring day, you must wish for a good night’s sleep on your comfortable bed. But, this becomes challenging as your mattress gets old and wears out. So you wake up tired every day, and you aren’t able to perform your best. That is when you need to buy a new custom memory foam mattress. In case you find it confusing to pick the most suitable memory foam mattress according to your individual requirements, here are a few tips that will help you out.

#1 Check Durability

It isn’t feasible for anyone to buy a new mattress every other day. Therefore, you need to look for a product that can last longer than others. This way, it will keep on providing you comfort even after months or years of use. In order to check the durability of the custom size memory foam mattress, you must keep in mind two factors:

  • Manufacturer: A reliable manufacturer will offer you a much more trustworthy product as compared to local or unknown manufacturers. That is why you need to look only for dependable manufacturers for the mattress.
  • Density: The smaller the foam cells, the denser the mattress, and the more durable it is. It means you will have to find thicker mattresses if you want it to remain intact for a longer time.

#2 Look For Thickness

The thickness of the memory foam mattress is determined based on your body weight and sleeping style. Moreover, you will have to consider your medical conditions to find the correct foam mattress thickness in your mattress. Usually, thick foams are preferred for relieving more pressure, while thin foams provide more support. You have to choose according to your individual requirements.

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#3 Prefer Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Mattress

Another factor affecting your sleep or health is the dust mites and allergens that live in your mattresses. Most people prefer here to keep their beds covered with a protected covering. However, there is no such hassle required with custom size memory foam mattress. These come with an antimicrobial feature that keeps all the problems away. Still, you must remember to look out for a hypoallergenic characteristic at the time of purchasing the product. This will ensure complete safety against dust mites and other allergens.

#4 Find The Best Size

You may have understood by now that memory foam mattresses can get customized based on their sizes. You just need to search for a manufacturer that offers custom size memory foam mattress. Then you can tell them about your size preferences according to your and your partner’s height. So the mattress will perfectly fit on your bed while providing enough space for you to fit in.

#5 Multiple Foams Is Also An Option

In case you fail to find comfort in all kinds of mattress foam densities, you can also look for multiple foams. In these variants, there are two different density foams that get placed on one another in the same custom memory foam mattress. It will offer you additional comfort and support.

Follow these tips and find the most appropriate memory foam mattress option for yourself.

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