5 Useful Tips to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are also called striae gravidarum or striae distensae and they look like ‘indented’ streaks in the skin. They may be silver, purple, or red in appearance. Before we talk about stretch marks removal, you should know the areas where they most often appear. These areas include the chest, stomach, thighs, hips, and bottom. They are quite common in pregnancy but anyone can develop these marks and in any phase of their life. However, some people are more ‘susceptible’ to stretch marks. Besides, if your parents, grandparents, or any other close blood relative has these marks, you are more likely to get them too.

Even if you are at the increased risk of stretch marks, there are certain things that you can do to treat or reduce the risk of stretch marks. So, just take a close look at the following to know more:

  1. Control weight

It is one of the most effective solutions for stretch marks removal. Whether you are pregnant or not, it is more than important to maintain a healthy weight. Stretch marks happen when the skin pulls apart due to rapid weight gain. You may notice these marks after rapid weight loss as well. Some people also develop stretch marks in growth spurts like puberty. Other people such as bodybuilders may notice these marks with big gains after using steroids or from working out. So, you must work to control the sudden changes in your body in terms of weight. Exercise daily and eat healthy to maintain your weight. Besides, if you notice rapid weight loss or weight gain, it is good to consult with a doctor to find out the reasons.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated
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Drinking plenty of water can help your skin become soft and hydrated. You should understand that soft skin does not tend to develop these stretch marks as much as dry skin does. As per the Institute of Medicine, you should take at least 72 ounces of water if you are a woman or 104 ounces if you are a man. Avoid caffeinated beverages as they can increase the risk of developing stretch marks. But if you still want to drink tea and coffee, make sure you are balancing out the fluid intake with lots of herbal tea, water, and caffeine-free fluids.

  1. Include nutrient-rich food to your diet

Stretch marks may occur if you lack certain nutritional components. So, eating foods that can boost your skin health may greatly help you. But what should be added to your diet? Well! You must include foods rich in zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, and protein in your diet. You should make sure that you are getting every nutrient. And one of the finest ways to do so is by choosing colorful foods. For instance, eggs with whole wheat toast and mixed berries in breakfast can add different colors to your plate – filling your plate with different nutrients.

  1. Boost the development of collagen

You must be aware of the fact that collagen plays a vital role in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. It also helps in preventing stretch marks. And to boost the development of collagen, you should add vitamin C rich foods to your diet. For this, you should include citrus fruits and vegetables like oranges and lemons in your diet.

  1. Maintain a healthy level of vitamin D
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As per a study, there is a strong relationship between the incidence of stretch marks and low levels of vitamin D. The results of this study suggest that maintaining a good level of vitamin D may help you reduce the risk of stretch marks. To get enough vitamin D, you can soak up in the sun or simply add cereals, dairy products i.e. yogurt and milk, and bread to your diet.

Wrapping Up

It is believed that stretch marks often fade away and become less noticeable over time. Since preventing these marks can be difficult, some ‘miracle’ oils, creams, and personal care items can prove to be the best stretch marks removal method. Lastly, keep everything in your mind mentioned in this post or simply seek the help of a skincare expert to figure out the reason behind the stretch marks and know the best treatment options available.

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