5 Hairstyles for lazy days

5 Hairstyles for lazy days

Having glamorous, vamped-up, and polished hair is one of the best things to show off during your everyday activities, but sometimes we don’t feel like putting the time and effort in our hair. One quick fix is to wear 100% human hair extensions that will give extra volume and length. There are various hairstyles that you can do during those days in which we feel a bit lazy, and hair extensions will give you a great boost.

1. Braided side ponytail

This is maybe one of the laziest hairstyles of them all. No matter if you are wearing permanent extensions like the sew-in hair extensions or the temporary ones like the clip-in hair extensions, this hairstyle can be done in 5 minutes. You need to brush the hair with or without extensions carefully and loosely braid it on the side. This is a very casual and laid-back hairstyle that is perfect for weekend days or even for a day at the office.

2. High ponytail

This polished look is very easy to do, and it is perfect for a day at the office. If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, you have to be careful when putting them on so that the clips are not visible. Sew-in hair extensions and other permanent ones are “naturally” discreet. Backcomb the top of your hair before tying it up. Use a bit of hairspray to tame the baby hairs, and you are ready to rock your day in a modern and polished way.

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3. Half-up half-down

Laid-back and romantic at the same time, this hairstyle is perfect for any leisure activity and even for the daily schedule. Both Wavy hair extensions and the sew-in hair extensions are perfect for giving extra volume. To do this hairstyle, you can use a hair tie and make a small ponytail or small bun hairstyles at the back of your head. At the same time, you can also pin the hair back if it is not very long. The extensions made from 100% human hair are perfect for this hairstyle because they give a natural look.

4. Headband hairstyles

This hairstyle is for that very lazy day in which we also want to look cool and trendy. Headbands are excellent for this because they give extra personality and color. Choose a color that suits your hair color and complexion and make sure that your hair is brushed before putting on the headband. This band can also hide the “bed hair” and the fact that maybe you skipped washing your hair or your 100% virgin hair extensions.

5. Low bun

This is a very elegant and easy hairstyle. While it is not screaming laid-back and relaxed, this hairstyle is very easy to do with any extension, including clip-in hair extensions and sew in hair extensions. You need some hair ties and some pins, and you will have a cute and polished hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Having a polished look doesn’t have to take a long time and effort. And we know it, some days we don’t feel like putting much effort into our looks. These hairstyles are some of the easiest and most versatile that will suit any schedule, complexion, and type of hair extensions.

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