Varieties of pearls available in market

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When it comes to jewellery a gracious piece of pearl can never go out of style. This is said to be one of the best jewellery investments.

There are many varieties and types of pearls available in the market and so choosing the right kind can be a bit of a task for an individual. One has to know about the good varieties of pearls before they plunge to the market to buy one.

The very basic is to find out the difference in between the natural and the cultured pearls as these are the 2 main types.

Natural pearls are mostly those which are found in the oysters naturally. Here the animal secretes layer after layer of nacre which gradually forms to a pearl. This is a very slow and time consuming process which can take many years.

Cultured pearls on the other hand are those which are acquired through harvesting and farming processes. Here the molluscs are raised in the pearl farms and they are carefully embedded. Though most of the pearls that are available in the market are cultured ones but there are natural pearls available as well. Cultured ones are abundant because they are affordable but the natural ones are expensive and rare.

Now, as a consumer one can see that both of these varieties have no difference when it comes to composition and appearance but the only difference lies in the origin and as a result in their price tag.

There is another category to divide the pearls and they are fresh water and salt water pearls. The salt water ones are considered to be superior among the two. Fresh water pearls though were previously considered to be of low quality in the past, there have been a lot of improvements in the harvesting process currently. They are also more fashionable because they are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. Fresh water pearls are not created using the bead nucleus and they are also more durable than the salt water pearls. One can make some gorgeous set of jewellery and some fashionable pearl bangles with this variety of pearls.

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Fresh water pearls are harvested for a very short period of time and so they do not get enough time to become large. The sizes here mainly vary from 2.00mm to 15.0mm. When it comes to colours, they are mostly found in white and cream shades. Sometimes they are also available in lavender and overtones of pink.

On the other hand there are salt water pearls. There are many varieties available in this category and among them Akoya pearls are said to be the most common one. This is because they are the most abundant ones when it comes to the variations of salt water pearls. They are mostly produced in Japan and some other countries like Vietnam, Korea and China.

One can buy any of the varieties in the market but it is a good idea to buy them from authentic pearl dealers where one can get certified pearls.

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