Is CSGO Still Popular In 2020?


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is abbreviated as CSGO is one of the world’s most popular multiplayer first-person shooter video games. This game is the fourth in Counter-Strike series. Since its release on 21st August of 2012, it has been a major hit on several gaming platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, and OS X. The Linux version was released later in 2014.

It Has Been a Top Game since Its Initial Days

The game is packed with real action in which players are teamed up and pitted against each other. The thrill of gaming reached a whole new level with the graphics and fast-paced shooting gameplay between the teams of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

While eliminating the opponents, there are also different objectives for players like planting or defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and many more. There are several game modes, nine, to be precise. Each of these has specific characteristics. The modern version of the battle royal mode called “Danger Zone” was introduced later in 2018.

CSGO Still Going Strong

Since its release, to this date, this game has been welcomed and positively criticised by players and critics all over the world. The gameplay and sincerity of match-making have attracted an estimated number of eleven million gamers per month.

The huge popularity and massive fan base of this game have created an active competitive scenario. Several tournaments and regional and global competitions made this game a precious one for gamers and fans worldwide.

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Since December 2010, the game has been transitioned to a free-to-play model. The players can upgrade their equipment and buy cosmetic items for better skills and aesthetic presentation of their gaming avatars.

All you have to do is keep playing and buying the items of your choice. Players can also opt for fully equipped and upgraded accounts without having to buy each item individually. There are several trustable sites like where you can buy CSGO accounts and finish off the opponents in style.

In 2020, CSGO reached more than 1.2 million concurrent players on Steam. Because of the already engaging environment of the game and due to the home-quarantine effect of the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of new gamers have turned up in CSGO. Though it has been around 8 years since the release of CSGO, its popularity has been ever-increasing. If you wish to experience the thrill of ultimate FPP-shooting, buy CSGO accounts, and start killing!

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