Is Corona Virus a Boon or a Bane?


For the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. With increasing infection and death rates, almost all countries have sealed their boundaries. Every citizen of the world is in some or other type of a lockdown. Travel and other restrictions are still imposed in most of the countries. Some are gaining from the pandemic while some are not. The Coronavirus pandemic has two sides, and the following article looks at the advantages and disadvantages of coronavirus pandemic.

Boon for Nature

With the coronavirus pandemic, humans have retreated to their homes due to severe lockdowns. And it is the best time for nature to rebound. Birdwatchers are extremely happy to see that birds like peacocks, flamingos, etc taking perches on windows and balconies all over the world. Even timid wild animals are found taking a stroll on the streets. Across the world, nature and wildlife are gaining from this pandemic. The dolphins have returned to Italy’s coast and the swans have returned to its canals. In India, the sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna have turned into their purest form, because the industries around and the tourism/ pilgrimage has shut down completely. Thousands of flamingoes have flocked the creeks in Mumbai city in India. In Israel, Egyptian geese were spotted walking merrily on the tarmac. The citizens of Delhi, India are for the breathing good quality air for the first time in many years.

Bane for Economy

Although the tourist places around the world are now getting time to breathe and rejuvenate, we are looking at huge economic depression. Almost 1 out of 10 people in the world are dependent on jobs from the travel and tourism industry which is completely shut down now. Many other industries and organizations are also shut down. This has led to a slow down. The economy which was already facing many problems before the corona crisis is now reeling from the tough blow of this pandemic. In the coming years, wealth creation will be a tough challenge. With the economy falling into a depression, unemployment will be on the rise. In such cases, many businesses, especially in the travel industry will go bankrupt. If you manage to keep your business alive in this crisis, then you have already won.

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Travel and Staycations

Travel has come to a full stop due to this pandemic. With all the international boundaries sealed, it is almost impossible to travel to other countries right now. Even internal travel is sealed off. And experts say that it will be more than 18 months until we travel again. There will be a boom in domestic travel after the lockdown ends. But when will it be safe to travel again is quite unpredictable. In any case, travel will change significantly. People will not choose crowded places, and would rather visit unknown spots with all the safety measures. In this situation, Staycations and one-day trips to nearby places will be the only travel we have. We will have to re-explore and rediscover places near our homes, in our cities to travel first.

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Effect on Crime

Crime levels for gun violence, rape cases, theft, murders, etc have all dropped. With everyone staying at their homes, there is a good reduction in deaths, murders and crime in general. But there is a rise in domestic violence due to these lockdowns. Online crimes are on the rise too. Also, there are fewer road accidents and mishaps. But there have been a few incidents where unfortunate people have died due to road accidents. That been said, there is still a surge in hate spreading online.

Work and Learn from home

We are in this new technological era, where we can work and learn from home itself. This was already a ripe time to explore new ways to work and learn from home. And with Coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to self-quarantine ourselves, meaning stay compulsorily at home. With this, new opportunities arise for working at home. Even if you are in the same city, colleagues and staff are still meeting strictly online via video conferences. With schools and colleges closed shut, students are also embracing the new ways of learning from home. These changes in lifestyle are here to stay. And they save us a lot of time and money in commuting to work every day.

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