Best Ways To Remove Dandruff


One of the most degrading situation is when you need to scratch your itching scalpduring an interview or during a formal party. Irrespective of the season, a peeling scalp may be an annoying issue. Dandruff is a common scalp problem mainly caused by a fungus known as Malassezia that starts growing on your scalp, causing quite a lot of dryness to your scalp and also damages the scalp. It can even get worsened if you are stressed or unwell. Even during chilly dry winters that are possibility of dandruff to increase severely. An initial reaction would be to opt for the best medicated anti- dandruff lotion on all counts. In case you have a deficiency of Vitamin B or Zinc, this can also let to increase in dandruff. Therefore diet also plays a very important role. So let’s learn the best way out to remove dandruff with some simple home remedies.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar– One of the natural remedies to treat dandruff is with the help of an apple cider vinegar. Moreover you will need to follow few steps in preparing this solution. Firstprepare a solution by taking an equal portion of apple cider vinegar and water then keep aside. Normally wash your hair and apply this solution into the wet hair then gently give a massage to the skin with the solution. Let it rest for 15 minutes and rinse off with a normal water. Apple cider vinegar have antibacterial and anti-fungalagentsthat helps in lowering yeast formation on the skin thus calm irritations.

It is advisable not to overuse apple cider vinegar. This will cause your hair smell like salad dressing.

  • Makeover on theEating Habit–Dandruff are mainly caused due to poor diet intake. Foods which are high on carbs end up collecting glycogen into the skin. This led yeast to sustain on the skin. Dandruff glands gets activated with sugary and dairy foods, causing oil formation on the skin. Therefore unwilling you may have to give up foods that are high on carbs and sugarin case you are exposed to dandruff.
  • Hair Mask using Fenugreek Seeds: One of the commonly used natural remedy to remove dandruff is by applying hair mask using fenugreek seeds. In-order to prepare this hair mask you have to first soak some fenugreek seeds in a small bowl full of water for around seven hours or overnight. Next grind this to a smooth paste, add few drops of lemon juice to it and mix well. Apply this hair mask on your scalp as well to the strand of your hair. You can rinse you hair using a mild shampoo after 30 minutes or after it dry off. There are various benefits of Fenugreek like it helps in controlling cholesterol. It’s also a good source to produce milk for new mothers.
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To sum it up the best medicated anti – dandruff lotion might work out to be beneficial in the long run. Just take note of the fact it should not have any side effects.

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