6 Essential Types of Socks


Socks could be differentiated into many types, as far as we know, there are more than 15+ types of socks available on the market today. Each of them differs from one another in some way. It is not possible to explain each type of socks here, however, among the variety of socks available on the market, there are 6 different essential types of socks that you should know about. The types of sock could be differentiated based on the length or the purpose of use. 

First, we will discuss the 6 essential types of socks based on the purpose of use and then we will discuss the type of socks based on the length.

6 essential type of socks –

  1. Dress socks –

This type of socks suits almost any dress and they cannot be distinguished as a formal or casual type of socks. It goes with any dress. They could come made of any type of material and at any length.

  1. Business socks –

This type of socks is usually called formal socks, they are designed in such a way that it matches blazers, suit, and almost all fairly standard outfits. Business socks exhibit a level of professionalism.

  1. Casual socks –

Casual socks are diverse, the aesthetics of casual socks are different from dress and business socks. Casual socks come in different color combinations and with different designs on the exterior. They are available made of different materials and different lengths.

  1. Sports socks –

Sports socks are entirely different from all the types of socks listed above, they are commonly made of strong material like nylon, cotton, or wool. Sports socks tend to offer more cushioning and moisture-wicking capacity.

  1. Thermal socks –
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Yes, thermal socks are a specialized type of sock that is made of special materials. They are designed specifically to keep the feet warm and dry. Thermal socks are commonly used by older people and people with specific health issues.

  1. Specialist socks –

This type of socks includes all those socks that are custom made to help control or cure health issues. Compression sock, stockings, etc. Are two types of specialist socks. Some of the specialist socks come designed in such a way that gel pads could be inserted into it to enhance comfort.

Type of socks based on the length –

  1. Ankle socks –

Ankle socks as the name itself suggest is designed in such a way that it covers the feet from toes to the top-end of the ankle only. They are best with lower cut shoes, loafers, gym shoes, walking, and running shoes. 

  1. Crew length socks –

Crew length socks commonly extend up to the mid-calf of the lower leg. When compared to ankle socks have a length of 6 to 8-inches. Crew socks are one of the most common and popularly used socks in the world.

  1. Calf-length socks –

As the name itself suggest, this type of socks extends up to the end of the calf and below the knee. They are best for workouts and runners.

  1. Knee-high socks –

Knee-high socks are all about style statement or fashion. In simple words, knee-high socks are worn for fashion. This type of socks offers extra lining inside long boots.

  1. Over-the-knee socks –
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This type of socks is commonly best for women as they extend up to the top-end of the thighs. If you do not like stockings or tights, then over-the-knee socks are the best option for you.

As you have seen, socks could be distinguished based on the purpose of use and length. However, remember, all the 6 essential types of socks are available in different lengths and also made of different materials. Based on your requirement consider purchasing any one of them.

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